Easily organize online meetings & workshops

Facilitation – the art of forming effective and goal-oriented interactions between people – is challenging enough in a on-site dynamic team situation. Now as Scrum Master, Product Owner or in general as Agile Leader you have to lead this remotely too.

  • How well have your first remote events run?
  • Which challenges does this new form of collaboration hold for you?
  • Who is helping you to lead your teams through this even more challenging time?
  • Who is helping you to take a step back in order to carry out neutral, factual and experience-based evaluation of the situation?

You do not have to be alone with these challenges. We can be of immediate help when:

  • You are looking for impulses to execute your agile events smoothly and successfully.
  • You need suggestions, to guide your teams in decision making, as if you were together in the same room.
  • You need support in preparing and executing remote workshops.

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Structuring remote events

Distributed working and effective and timely decision making in a continuously changing environment belong to our working life for some time now. Together with our agile and systemic Coaches find the optimal remote working environment and gain an all-round perspective on your current challenges.

We can accompany you as facilitation partner in the preparation and execution of online events, to create the best possible result for your online meetings, workshops, Sprints events or roundtables!

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Lutz Malburg

Agile Organization Expert
Lutz Malburg Agile Organization Expert