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Coaching and mentoring are essential skills for successful leadership in our complex business world. A world defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – also known as a VUCA-World. You certainly know this from your daily work-life with your teams, whether it be as Company Executive, Head of Department, Team Leader, Product Owner or Scrum Master.  Now, the situation has become more complex – you need to lead all that remotely.

  • How well are you dealing with these multiple challenges right now?
  • What would help you to fulfill your role more effectively?
  • Who is taking time to coach you through this?
  • Who is helping you right now to gain more clarity and focus?

We can coach and mentor you in a manner focused on your individual situation, in order to fully integrate remote working into your future everyday work-life!

Our online coaching supports you

Be it effective engagement with your team, focusing on valuable outcomes, managing conflicts or making the right decisions – with our Online Coaching you can reinforce your strengths as well as bring your own personal coaching skills up to the next level.

Our agile and systemic Coaches can help you to view the situation in a different way, providing you with an additional solution-oriented perspective, right now when it is most needed. Rapid while considerate action belongs to our everyday way of working – we can share our experience with you!

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Lutz Malburg

Agile Organization Expert
Lutz Malburg Agile Organization Expert