More flexibility and a guaranteed future

Your wish is our command. That’s what you promise your customers, isn’t it? But sometimes it’s easier said than done. Because individual wishes demand individual solutions. Commercial tools quickly reach their limits. It is advisable for someone to assemble the right components to create the right solution for him. Don’t be afraid. We provide a well-filled modular system and the necessary know-how.

Our secret: In addition to commercial solutions, we also rely on open source solutions. Because you always have the option to further develop the solution according to your needs and thus create future security. You can benefit from the overwhelming technological diversity of the open source market. At the same time, open standards such as OpenTracing and OpenCensus ensure the necessary interoperability.

Therefor make the Digital Experience Management solution your own. This way you are not bound by the decisions of a commercial manufacturer.

Solutions that fit

Are you surprised from time to time how complex the IT world can be? But there are at least two solutions for every challenge. Unified solutions are not in demand. Rather, complex requirements require a high degree of flexibility. And this is exactly what open source solutions do, which fortunately are available to us in all areas (APM, AI-Ops, etc.).