In 2020, Novatec was declared an attractive employer!

Our team positively evaluated the working atmosphere at Novatec, earning us really good rankings in the category for companies with between 251 and 500 employees in the cross-sector Great Place to Work® competition.

This was the 18th time that Germany’s best employers have been nominated. In 2020, a total of 840 companies faced the questions of the independent Great Place to Work® institute. Thanks to the excellent feedback of the entire Novatec team and on the basis of the evaluation of a cultural audit, we achieved three respectable placings in what was our first year of participation:

In the highly competitive category for German companies with between 251 and 500 employees, we achieved an excellent 4th place. In Baden-Wuerttemberg, we were also pleased to be awarded 4th place in the category of companies with between 50 and 500 employees. And in the hard-fought ICT sector category for companies with between 101 and 500 employees, we were in the top 20 at position 13. We’re understandably very proud of these great results in all three categories.

Sebastian Diefenbach, Head of Customer Consulting at Great Place to Work®, puts it like this: “Good employers have one thing in common: They are committed to credible, fair leadership and the active promotion of employees. Respect, trust, and team spirit form important parts of their corporate culture.”


Position 4

Companies with 251 – 500 employees


Position 4

Companies with 50 – 500 employees

ICT sector

Position 13

Companies with 101 – 500 employees

How was the evaluation made?

Our award as an attractive employer followed a multi-stage process. The Great Place to Work® institute used two central instruments to determine the most attractive employers from the point of view of employees. In a cultural audit, our HR work was analyzed and assessed with regard to the quality of measures, programs, and campaigns for supporting and promoting the Novatec team. In addition, all Novatec employees were asked to answer a standardized, anonymous questionnaire with around 70 questions.

Great Place to Work® assessed workplace topics in five dimensions. These central values provide information about the actual workplace culture. Our questionnaire results for the dimensions of credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and team spirit were far above the market comparison values. This outcome was evaluated very positively by the institute and – naturally – we’re proud of it!

The main results at a glance

The proof’s in the pudding: 91% of participating employees found the Novatec workplace to be very good. This is 18% above the market comparison value of 73%.

And when it comes to the average value for the 58 core statements in the Great Place to Work® questionnaire, we were 24% above the market average of 61%, with a score of 85%.

What does the team say about Novatec?

Answers to our 2020 survey showed that 95% of managers trust in the good work of employees and 93% of employees who took part feel like fully-fledged members of the Novatec team.

The friendly working atmosphere was appreciated by 96% of respondents, and 95% of employees said that they liked coming to work.

Overview of the Great Place to Work® dimensions

Overview of more results

  • 94% of employees said that we look after each other.
  • 90% of employees are proud to tell other people that they work here.
  • 86% of employees believe that everyone is able to enjoy attention and recognition.
  • 88% of employees say that they can “be themselves” here and don’t need hide who they really are.
  • 96% of employees like the fact that they can take time off if they need to do so.
  • 94% of employees feel that they are treated fairly regardless of their age.
  • 96% of employees say that new employees feel welcome here.
  • 98% of employees appreciate the fact that they are provided with the tools and equipment they need to do their job well.

Our rating shows once again that we bring Novatec values to life every single day – in a caring, goal-driven way. Fairness and openness to customers and employees are really important at our company.

Our performance in the cultural audit is a stimulus for us to improve our workplace culture even more! The results of the questionnaire help us to create new measures in order to shape an even more attractive working environment for everyone.

We’re really pleased to have received these awards and we’ll continue to pursue the perfect flow in order to remain a “great place to work” for all of our employees!

Overall rating in the Cultural Audit 2020

„Our open corporate culture and approachable way of working form the basis for achieving the perfect flow. That's when time and emotion combine to create a successful whole. After all, only happy employees can shape lasting corporate success. We're really pleased about this award! We'll use the feedback to make Novatec an even better employer.“
Michael Schuchart, Managing Director, Novatec Consulting GmbH
„This award attests to a workplace culture that's full of trust, pride, and team spirit. Attractive working conditions and a culture that encourages teamwork are key to economic success and to mastering the challenges of the future.“
Andreas Schubert, Managing Director, German Great Place to Work® Institute
„Our employees produce top performance on a daily basis. As a company, our goal must be to offer them an environment where they can grow and develop. In addition to opportunities for further learning through attending conferences, for example, we believe in upholding the freedoms of every single employee and allowing them to contribute to shaping the company. We want to ensure that the working atmosphere is one in which our employees feel comfortable so that they like working here.“
Domink Meyer, Managing Director, Novatec Consulting GmbH

Which innovations really make us stand out?

At Novatec, there are lots of opportunities to use new technologies in exciting projects with a high level of personal freedom. These examples really make us stand out:

SMILE, our ideas management system, gives all Novatec employees a platform where they can suggest their own ideas for improving their work situation. Then, we decide together which ideas to turn into reality. To date, height-adjustable desks and additional technology equipment, a high-end coffee machine, hoodies for all, and a professional BBQ station have all enhanced the working environment.

Because we think it’s important to support the IT talent of the future, we encourage youngsters through school sponsorships, programming work groups, and events such as Girls’ Day. We also grant university scholarships throughout Germany and provide support for around 50 students in diverse locations.

Can you manage well-being? We don’t think you can. However, we’re absolutely sure that you can increase employee satisfaction, and that’s why the position of feel-good manager exists.

Among other things, the tasks of a feel-good manager include optimizing on-boarding processes, introducing new language courses, and organizing food trucks. However, the most important task is this: Being ready to listen at all times and providing support where it’s needed.

In addition, our mobility concept allows for plenty of choice: A public transport allowance, company car, and company bicycle are all available options. And they’re options that are available to all of our employees, from new arrivals to the management.

Further training is really important, too. As well as in-house courses, we offer individual, specialist further training. We also promote and support employees who wish to highlight and promote their innovative topics of interest by speaking at conferences, including at international level.

And there are lots more great reasons to choose Novatec!

More about Great Place to Work®

The focus of Great Place to Work® is on building trust, enthusiasm, and team spirit. In addition to offering company-specific analyses and consulting with the aim of improving workplace quality and employer attractiveness, the institute uses cross-regional, regional, and sector-specific employer competitions to regularly name and publish really good employers in conjunction with renowned partners.

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