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testIT WebTester - your free UI-Test automation framework

testIT WebTester is a UI test automation framework for web applications based on Selenium. As the result of our many years of project experience, it aims to provide an intuitive, declarative and expandable API for writing programmatic UI tests in Java. The framework is open source and can be found on GitHub, where it is being continuously advanced with the influence of the community.

Key features in brief

  • Simple use of the page object pattern
  • Functional elements rather than generic WebElement API
  • Script-style test support by means of a dynamic ad-hoc “finder“ API
  • Event System to actively respond to events during the test run
  • Optional highlighting of previously used UI elements as a visual aid for debugging
  • Support modules for the integration with other frameworks such as, e.g. AssertJ, Hamcrest, JUnit, Spring and many more
  • Whenever needed, the Selenium API is always just one method call away

Your benefits

  • Open source
  • Code easy to understand and edit thanks to the use of the page object pattern
  • Simple highlighting for transparency of the test runs
  • API always updated and expanded based on real-life situations
  • All advantages of Selenium
  • Tests easy to integrate into in the CI environment
  • Direct influence on the advancement in the open source project


Anis Ben Hamidene

Your contact for testIT WebTester

Anis Ben Hamidene

Senior Managing Consultant

Phone: +49 711 22040-700

If you have any questions about testIT WebTester please feel free to contact me.