Your challenges in the agile development of custom software

As an IT manager, are your bosses putting pressure on you about topics such as digitalization, the speed at which new requirements are implemented, or the innovation tempo? Does your specialist department require IT support for new or changing business models? Are your existing systems unable to come up with the goods? So you’re often faced with the question: Create custom software or use standard software? Make or buy? It’s not an easy question to answer, but the answer lies in what you want to achieve with your new software solution.

  • Is it a case of continuing to develop your business independently of the release cycles of standard software?
  • Or is it more that custom software can support your business processes in a tailored manner?
  • Has the application you’ve been using until now come to the end of its life cycle, and you need a custom-made replacement for it?

If you’ve answered one of these questions with “yes”, then it’s time to get a competitive advantage with custom software that’s designed to meet your exact needs.

Custom software versus standard software

Why does it make sense to invest in a custom software solution rather than buying standard software?

  • Standard software that does what you need it to do might not be available, or it might not be sufficiently adaptable in line with your needs.
  • Your business model is getting on a bit: The digitalization of your workflows changes your existing business processes, and these can no longer be supported with your now obsolete legacy applications.
  • New business models need to be integrated into software solutions, again requiring new product development.
  • Neither existing legacy software nor off-the-peg solutions can offer you a unique selling point in comparison with your competition.
  • You use only parts of a standard software solution but you still have to pay for all of its functions. Even for those that you’ll never use.
  • You’ve got a product idea but no way to realize it yourself!

Is setting up your own software development department beyond your core capabilities? Do you first want to test new product ideas in fast realization steps on the market or at your company in a true spirit of agility without driving up fixed costs by immediately setting up your own team?

Stay one step ahead of the competition and digitalize your business processes with a flexible, elastically scalable custom software solution that grows along with your company!

Modernizing existing applications

But perhaps you’d prefer to modernize your existing systems? With technical innovations, modernized development methods, and current runtime environments, you can significantly improve the operation of your existing applications and lift them up to a new level.

Whichever approach you choose, we’ll be glad to either create tailored software just for you or to modernize an existing application in a way that makes it fit for the future.

The benefits of Custom Software Development

With custom software, you have a major advantage: Your exact business ideas can be realized!

You’re not just one customer of many whose requirements flow into the software. Instead, it’s only your ideas and requirements that count and are explicitly implemented. Special requirements arising from your business processes can be met, and we can adapt the project in line with current changes taking place in your company at any time.

Thanks to short, iterative steps, you’re always up-to-date about the current status of your made-to-measure software and can share new ideas or tweak the software in line with your needs whenever you want. We work closely with you and ensure that, at all times, you enjoy full transparency about exactly what the software can do and where the development process is going. Unlike in the case of off-the-peg software, you pay only for the functions that you really need and will use.

High software quality on the basis of a sophisticated architecture will pay off for you in the medium and long term. And thanks to the use of modern technology standards and innovative yet tried-and-tested methods, your custom project will offer long-term adaptability.

The use of cloud technologies and platforms means that you are no longer dependent on a rigid infrastructure. You no longer need to buy extra servers ahead of time – servers that often become elderly before they’re even used! Furthermore, your CFO and accounting department in particular will be happy about a pay-per-use model and about opex (operating) costs instead of capex (capital expenditure) costs.

As you can see, we’re speaking from many years of experience that you can only benefit from!

However, before we go into further detail about our approach to the development of custom software, we’d like to clarify the precise functions of a Custom Software Development.

The Custom Software Development technology stack

We’ve already mentioned the following: Your company has certain software requirements that standard software cannot meet. Or standard software is evolving too slowly for your business. So you’ve decided upon custom solutions and you’re going to have tailored custom software developed just for you. One important decision to be made for a Custom Software Development of this kind is the technology stack to use. The possibilities here are almost endless in today’s world.

Technologically speaking, we’re most comfortable with a modern Java stack, gladly incorporating use of Kotlin, Spring Boot, Micronaut, Quarkus, and similar frameworks for the back end. Where it makes sense, we use microservices. For the front end, we implement modern and well-known frameworks such as Angular, React, or Vue. We master container technologies and now realize practically all of our projects on orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. However, choosing and using the right tools is also important in the fields of CI/CD, monitoring/alerting, and infrastructure provisioning.

The graphic below shows important tools, products, and frameworks in the various technology clusters. For your custom development, we’ll find the tools that allow the fast development of your software to maturity while taking into account the specific circumstances at your company, so the technologies you already use and trust, for example.

Tools, products, and frameworks for custom software developmentSource: Own representation

We know this technology stack like the back of our own hand, and this allows us to achieve exceptional productivity. Make the most of this in order to react quickly and flexibly to the constantly changing market and lift yourself above your competitors.

In the consulting area, we have extremely in-depth expertise in special topics that we apply depending on the problem at hand:

  • Our experts choose the perfect cloud for your requirements.
  • We build the ideal application architecture for your elastic, robust, and flexible application.
  • We process your data in the best possible way using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • With agile security, we increase the security of your custom development.
  • We use consumer-driven contracts to automate compatibility tests at interfaces with other systems.

This and much more can be achieved with the agile development of custom software!

Our Custom Software Development services

We turn your ideas into reality – with agility and passion! After all: The development of custom software is part of our DNA. The setup’s down to you. We’ll help you with the type and intensity of support that you require.

From the initial idea to the concrete vision: We’ll work with you to create a product that’s tailored to your needs and fits in perfectly with your corporate values and requirements. Your requirements will be defined and recorded in an agile manner through epics and stories.

To create your software, we can put an entire team together or we can support your own employees in cross-functional teams depending on how much internal development power you’ve set aside for product development. Whether working on-site at your premises or remotely at our own offices: We’re flexible, and we’ll do our job where it suits you best.

  • Naturally, to start off with we’ll discuss your precise requirements in detail and we’ll talk about how communication will take place throughout the project life cycle. We’ll work with you to formulate and define the optimum sprint length, the project governance setup, and milestones that need to be reached.
  • Then we’ll put the team together, and it won’t necessarily be restricted to software engineers: We can also take on other functions such as that of a (proxy) product owner or a consulting role. And you can rely upon us fully: All of our software engineering personnel have in-depth knowledge of all of the required tools and methods and are software experts with a passion. We also use agile nearshoring: With our software engineers in Granada (Spain), we can cover the scaling needs of the team without problems.
  • Alongside the development of the product code, we use agile empowerment to take care of the infrastructure requirements. For example, we use the build pipeline including test automation and automated deployments and we look after the automatic provisioning of the environments. These measures allow us to get high-quality software into production quickly.

Agile empowermentSource: Own representation

  • By getting the software into productive use quickly, we can gather feedback together and use this feedback for the next iterations of the solution. We ensure the smooth operation of your application using DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) methods.

The bottom line

For unique company processes and structures, you need custom-developed software, since standard software can’t meet your special needs. So let’s get started together and develop the perfect software for your company!

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